Large Original Abstract Acrylic Painting by Olga Tkachyk
    Olga  Tkachyk is an abstract artist, originally from Ukraine, now living and creating in beautiful Naples, Florida. Olga paints with palette knife using heavy body acrylics on canvas. The painting technique she use is known as impasto. This style is about using thick application of paint that adds a three-dimensional, almost sculptural quality to a painting with the sense of liveliness and movement. 
After receiving her art education in Ukraine, Olga didn’t paint much for many years until she began daily painting in 2016. She began painting with palette knife and immediately fell in love with it. This unique technique allows her to apply paint very thickly, adding subtle highlights with a beautiful sense of light and movement.  Olga enjoys painting nature, particularly flowers, as well as abstracts filled with movement and color.  Her art is heavily influenced by her travels and the different cultures. Painting provides a path for Olga to express her emotions through a myriad of colors, textures, abstract shapes and forms. In the last seven years, Olga was able to create and sell hundreds of paintings through different online galleries and her works hanging internationally in collectors’ homes across the USA, England, Australia and Japan.
Artist Statement

The process of painting completely takes me away from reality and immerses me entirely in other world which is full of bright colors, joy and happiness, where I don't notice time and reality around me. It is a wonderful world, where there is no any sadness or discouragement; where everyday problems disappear and all dreams come true. As result, in my works you won't find dark shades or depressed subjects, but instead you'll see a lot of bright colors, cheerful flowers and beautiful sceneries.

Through the process of creating I hope to share the positive energy and joy of life with others. I want to lift other people spirits and encourage them to pursue their own dreams. I find that people are always looking for more positivity and happiness in their lives, and my art is my way of offering that to people.

Olga Tkachyk